“The Blood Remains Haitian”

In their ethnographic account, Nina Glick Schiller and Georges Eugene Fouron discuss the experiences of transmigrants, as they pertain to the ties they maintain to two countries both socially and politically. Included in the ethnography is a first-hand account coming from Fouron who is himself a transmigrant with ties to both the United States and […]

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Georges Woke Up Laughing

Living like human beings Ethnography Review of Georges Woke Up Laughing: Long-distance nationalism and the search for home Written by Jade Fulton The ethnography, Georges Woke Up Laughing— initiated during a research trip to Haiti in 1996, was developed in order to address the forces that shape the contemporary immigrant experience, directly speaking to what […]

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Georges Woke up Laughing: Long-Distance Nationalism and the Search for Home

    Georges Woke Up Laughing is a dynamic account of transnational migration in the Haitian context. Through the combination of historical, autobiographical and ethnographical elements, this book allows readers to engage in the questioning of the meaning of membership within nation-states and both initiates and supports discussions about loyalties, identities, nationality and citizenship. Georges […]

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